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by Verizon

I spent my first year at Verizon Connect as the UX lead of safety features for the consumer product Hum by Verizon. 

My Role

On the cross-functional Safety Team I was responsible for maintaining and updating the user experience for Crash Response, Roadside Assistance, and Safety Score. On this team I led activities including user research, wire-framing, prototyping, user testing, planning workshops, facilitating co-design sessions, and providing UI assets for development. 

Crash Response

Hum Crash Response automatically notifies emergency services and sends help to customers when a crash is detected. I designed a Crash Response experience for the new mobile-only offering Hum Essentials. I worked closely with the vendor that provided the SDK that made mobile crash detection possible and facilitated a focus group with users of Hum and competitor products. 


Roadside Assistance

Hum enables users to request Roadside Assistance on their mobile phones and can send help to their exact location. I redesigned the Roadside request process to make it quicker and easier for customer's to get the help they needed. With more informative options and an updated timeline of events, this initiative decreased the number of calls to customer care and increased NPS around the Roadside feature.  


Safety Score

Safety Score encourages customers to drive safer by seeing how they score compared to their friends and family. I designed interactive push notifications that increased engagement within the feature. I also collaborated with Verizon Connect researchers, utilizing the Kano Method to determine what features would make Safety Score most attractive and most likely to change unsafe driving behavior. 

Other Work

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